Top reasons why customers choose to pay online

Picture yourself getting all excited about choosing a tour package for your upcoming vacation, only to realize that the website of the tour agency does not accept online credit card payments. Isn’t that a bummer? Chances are, you will look for another merchant that offers a similar vacation package that supports online payment transactions.

This can be a big blow for the company because it means saying goodbye to a lead and losing a perfectly great opportunity. If you’re one of those companies that don’t have online payment options yet on their website and still thinking whether to embrace this modern mode of payment or not, here are some reasons why customers in this tech-savvy era prefer to pay for their purchases using the Internet.

1. Eliminates currency issues

currency exchange

A client traveling to a different country have to exchange currency at his local bank before he leaves or upon arrival at his destination so he can settle the fees at the company’s office or shop. Many people prefer the online payment method for travel-related services because it usually accepts major credit cards which automatically calculate the current exchange rate on the day of the transaction.

Let’s say a diver from the United States wants to go on a diving trip in Dubai, he can use his credit card to pay online for the trip package. The diver doesn’t have to worry about the nitty-gritty of calculating conversion rates because his credit card company will do that for him.

2. Provides ease of convenience

Mobile banking

Nothing is more convenient to a customer than settling the fees using the computer or mobile device wherever he is. He can do it in the comfort of his own home, outside the house, or even from another country at any time of the day or night.

For example, if a fisherman from Canada wants to charter a fishing boat in Mexico, he can conveniently book a trip on a fishing charter using his laptop or mobile phone. Then he can pay the corresponding trip price using his credit card without actually leaving his house.

3. Saves valuable time

More people nowadays prefer Internet payment transactions over traditional methods such as cash or bank transfers because the former can save valuable time. The customer does not have to travel to go to the physical store or company office to pay the fees and wait in line for his turn to transact if there are other clients who happen to arrive before him nor does he have to go to a bank to transfer funds. The amount of time that the person saved can be used for other things such as finalizing his vacation itinerary, shopping for things that he will bring for the trip, and so on.

4. Offers extra protection

Online payments give the customer peace of mind, especially when transacting with a small business for the first time. It can help overcome trust issues in the sense that if a merchant fails to deliver the service he paid for and agreed upon, the individual can dispute the credit card transaction with the creditor. Unlike if he pays in cash, it might be harder to get his money back from the vendor.

In addition, payment via the Internet gets rid of the security risks of handling cash. The last thing that a customer wants to happen is to get robbed of his hard-earned vacation moolah. Settling payment via the Internet eliminates this kind of scary scenario because the individual can complete the transaction in the safety of his own home without holding actual cash money.

5. Minimizes spending

Although a person does not have to worry about additional charges for cash payment, the trip to the store or company office costs money while checks may require postage fees. Unlike these traditional forms of payment, credit card transactions via the Internet usually cost consumers little or nothing at all so transaction fees are kept at a bare minimum.

6. Rewards and bonuses

credit card rewards

Customers may also prefer online credit card transactions because many companies reward frequent cardholders users with points that they can exchange with exciting gifts, miles, or rebates to cover for other expenses.

After reading all these reasons, have you finally made up your mind to implement online payment on your website? If so, CaptainPanel provides a straightforward online booking system with credit card payment that can help increase your revenues.

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