Why customers choose online booking over traditional methods

As the world becomes increasingly digital, more travelers are turning to the Internet to find the ideal boat charter and trip package that best suits their needs. Online booking is rising above the traditional method of picking up the phone and booking directly with the charter company, but why is it so?

Reasons why travelers go for online booking

Clear and precise information

Modern customers know exactly what they are looking for and prefer to make their own online research about the charter company before booking a trip. By surfing the internet and comparing different company websites, it’s easy for people to learn about charter services, prices, taxes, trip inclusions, payment options, and so on. 

As a sailing charter company, vital details of your tours should be made available on your website for potential clients to review and help them choose the ideal package. When you have a booking system, your clients can conveniently see the availability of the tour that they want and book on the spot. 

Control over the purchasing process

Travelers like to be in control when making travel plans which include finding relevant information for their desired trip before making a final decision. With an effective booking system like CaptainPanel, your clients have control over choosing their tour, trip date, schedule, trip add-ons, and payment method based on their own preferences, without getting pressured by a company employee on the other end of the line. 

Anytime and anywhere

Customers appreciate the freedom of making their transactions regardless of time and location and a booking system makes this possible. There’s no need for the client to personally go to your sales office or wait for working hours to contact you on the phone. Furthermore, the person can access your website during their free time from any device and book a trip in just a few minutes. 

booking a trip onine

Real-time convenience

Let’s face it … despite best efforts by staff members, double bookings still happen when managing them manually. To avoid scheduling conflicts, many travelers prefer to select a trip date using a booking calendar because of its real-time advantage and reliability versus the manual booking method that is prone to human error. Keep in mind that a single booking slip-up on the part of your staff can have huge ramifications for your charter company.

Online calendars display available dates and block out those that aren’t, making it easy for a client to choose a travel date without worrying that their chosen date may have already been taken by another person. 

No additional cost

Another advantage of a booking system is that clients can use it without incurring any additional cost. They just need Internet access to book online using their laptop or mobile phone and they can do it from anywhere in the world. Phone bookings, on the other hand, have international call charges. 

Seamless online transaction

When you have a user-friendly interface and easy navigation, it is easier for your customers to complete the booking process in just in a few clicks, pay online without hassle, and receive the booking confirmation notification. A positive experience can encourage customers to post good reviews about your sailing charter and recommend your services to other people. 

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