Valentine Marketing ideas

Valentine marketing ideas for water sport companies

Love is in the air because the most romantic day of the year is coming soon. Every 14th of February, people from different parts of the globe look forward to this day to make their loved ones feel special. Gift-giving has become an annual tradition on this romantic occasion. Consumers spend money on greeting cards, chocolates, roses, stuffed toys, gift baskets, jewelry, and romantic activities. 

For water sport companies, this is a good opportunity to boost your sales. Here are some Valentine marketing ideas to take advantage of the upcoming Day of Hearts. Entice people to stir away from traditional Valentine’s Day celebration by planning an unforgettable date with their special someone. 

Valentine’s Day aboard your yacht

If you’re in the yacht charter business, you can invite couples to charter your yacht and go on an enchanting Sunset Tour. Make sure you have dependable boat booking software to ensure hassle-free booking. Organize a candlelight dinner and put on some slow music to set the mood. A romantic dinner cruise with nature as your backdrop surely beats having a typical dinner at a restaurant. You can also offer customized trips for people who want to create their own itinerary. For instance, you can set up a private cruise, complete with dinner for two, flowers, champagne, and music for someone who wants to propose to his significant other. 

Dive with the Valentine buddy

For diving companies, you can come up with Valentine diving vouchers that divers can give as gifts to their loved ones. Share this limited-time promotion on your website equipped with an online scheduling program.

Whether it’s day diving or night diving, going beneath the waves to explore the colorful marine world is a romantic way to spend the Day of Hearts. Those who prefer night diving can make their descent at dusk, the most magical time of the day. The alluring ambiance will add spark to the romantic evening.  

Organize a Valentine’s Day dive for couples. Make it sweeter by asking the participants to bring underwater slates or you can provide them. Tell the divers to write love notes to their beloved buddies and designate the time during the dive when they can reveal their messages to one another. Who knows, maybe one of those messages will be “Marry Me?”. Assign someone to take underwater photos which you can give to the divers at the end of the trip. 

If love is in the air then love can also be underwater. Ever heard of an underwater wedding? You can make it happen for couples who have a deep passion for the sea. 

Wake sports for couples 

For wake sports companies, you can highlight your activities such as wakeboarding, wake foiling, wake surfing, etc. Tap into the adventurous spirits of your target audience and invite them to introduce their special someone to the thrilling world of wake sports. With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, you can come up with Valentine coupons or discounts for couples. 

Hearts day for singles

Keep in mind that not everyone is in a relationship. Your water sport company can also come up with a Valentine activity or tour where singles can mingle. Or you can customize a tour for a group of single friends. 

This coming Valentine’s Day, give people the perfect opportunity to break with tradition. Invite old and new clients to go for something fun and spontaneous. 


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