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Tips to reinvent your website in 2021

Your website is the groundwork that supports your online presence. Every bit of online information, whether it’s fresh content about the company, recent updates about products and services, or promotion, helps drive traffic to your website. The new year is a perfect opportunity to improve and reinvent your website. 

Websites are constantly evolving to adapt to the changing times. By updating your website, you can avoid being left out by your competitors. Implementing improvements also help you prevent website errors. It’s also a great way to keep your brand fresh and focus on customer user experience. 

Here are some tips to guide you in your website relaunch. 

Keep up with consumers on the go

We live in a world where people use different devices. A user may search for products and/or services on their desktop then resume their search on their tablets or smartphone. 

The majority of customers nowadays are always on the go. This means that a significant percentage of online traffic is generated from mobile devices and this is expected to increase in 2021. Modern clients expect seamless viewing across multiple devices. 

A website that is not mobile-friendly will most likely fail to get the attention of today’s discerning customers. If your website fails to sustain the interest of users, then chances are they will go looking elsewhere. A responsive website helps you keep up with consumer trends and demands. 

Less clutter and easy navigation

Responsiveness is not just about seamless viewing across different devices. In 2021, it’s recommended that you aim for a website design that is simple to use and easy to navigate. Reduce clutter and noise on your webpages by going for a minimalist touch.

Some of the vital things that your website should cover are:

  • What can you offer your visitors?
  • Why should users choose you over your competitors?
  • How does the potential customer get to the next level of the conversion funnel? (a journey that leads up to a sale or purchase)

Fulfilling these touchpoints will help you increase your conversion rate. 

Time to update your content 

Relaunching your website does not always require completely new content. You can successfully give your website a new life by strategically updating your old content.

Wondering where to start? It’s recommended that you check your SEO. Performing an SEO audit of your website will help you determine which pages are getting a lot of attention and which ones could use some improvement. Some SEO factors that you should consider when updating your website content are: 

  • Keywords – Determine if you are using relevant keywords for your business
  • Page speed – Check if your website is loading quickly on desktop and mobile devices
  • Mobile-optimization – Ensure that your website works seamlessly on smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices
  • Broken links – Go through your site and check if all links are up-to-date and redirecting to the intended pages
  • Site security –  Perform a proper analysis to protect your business against security threats. Begin by ensuring that your site has an SSL certificate installed to safeguard user data. 

Seamless booking and payment process

Facilitate a smooth booking and payment process on your website by using an efficient online reservation system. This will allow customers to book and pay online without any hassles. Customers appreciate an easy, fast, and convenient online booking process. 

These basic and simple guidelines can help you reinvent your website and give it a fresh outlook in 2021. Investing time and effort to improve your website will help your business enjoy long-term benefits such as increasing traffic and optimizing conversations. It will also give your business good leverage to reach the next level. 

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