Stay connected with clients during times of social distancing

The worldwide spread of COVID-19 has been unlike any other situation that people have encountered before. This pandemic has affected different business sectors on an unprecedented scale. As a result, the world is forced to navigate into a new normal. 

The implementation of social distancing measures culminated in a sudden change in lifestyle. Many offices and brick and mortar stores have been forced to close indefinitely or cut their hours short. More people are staying indoors and spending more time online than ever before. 

In the face of this pandemic, here are some ways to stay connected to your costumers during a time of social distancing.  

Keep an open line of communication

Go above and beyond by making your customers feel that you care through effective communication. Clients find it reassuring when they hear from businesses and kept informed about what they are doing in response to the pandemic. Let your customers know that you understand that these are challenging times for everyone. 

Post timely updates

It is important to post frequent updates during this pandemic. Going on a hiatus at this critical moment is not a good idea because customers might interpret your silence as a lack of interest or concern. The last thing that anyone wants right now is to be left in the dark. 

website covid-19 update

Provide updates about what’s going on in your company including changes in operations and pricing modifications. Each update can be posted on your website. On your homepage, you can create a pop-up message or post COVID-19 related business updates below the site header. These options enable visitors to easily see the latest information. You can also dedicate a separate page for your updates or post them on your blog.

For instance, the boat charter business has experienced disruptions in recent months. Boat charter companies can address customers’ concerns by keeping travel updates, trip procedure changes, and trip schedule modifications front and center on their websites’ home pages.

website coronavirus update

CaptainPanel understands and supports the needs of our partners during this pandemic. We help our partners post timely updates on their websites and ensure that their customers have undisrupted access to our online scheduling program.

Streamline customer service

Promote a streamlined customer experience to maintain customer loyalty. Regardless of the current situation, make an effort to continue providing the best possible customer service. 

Be ready to receive and answer customer inquiries and concerns. Provide mechanisms to make feedback easy and convenient for customers. In these unpredictable times, customers feel more reassured when a business is accessible. Make it easy for customers to send you emails, leave voicemail messages, or send inquiries through social media channels. 

Assist customers promptly and make informed and quick decisions. By doing so, you will be able to keep up with the high volume of customer support inquiries. It’s also recommended to stay up to date with innovative solutions to common issues.

Build a strong team

Train your team to utilize data and analytics to make informed decisions to address customer needs and supports. It’s also important to teach employees how to prioritize concerns and issues so that the most critical ones are addressed first. 

The impact of the Coronavirus on everyday life plus the uncertainty of what will happen next may put some people under immense stress. The difficult situation can cause some people to express heightened sentiments. In times like these, patience and understanding combined with a strong partnership will help you get through these stumble blocks. 


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