The significance of social mention in today’s businesses

June 30 is designated as World Social Media Day. With more than four billion people worldwide using the internet, social media has become an essential business tool. Social media can help your business reach customers, gain valuable insights, and grow your brand. This is where social mentions come into the picture. 

What is a social mention?

A social mention is when someone mentions your brand or uses a branded hashtag. It also includes conversations about your brand. When people talk about your brand online, they are spreading the word that your business exists. This is referred to as social proof.

Social mention can either be positive or negative, depending on the feedback generated from the post. Positive feedback could encourage new customers, increase revenues, and build trust. On the other hand, negative feedback can be an opportunity for change and development. This is why it’s important to keep track of social media. How can you respond if you’re not aware of it? This leads us to the next question ….

How can you keep track of social mentions?

It’s easier to track social mentions for newer brands but as your business grows and gains more users, manually tracking social mentions may become time-consuming. Don’t worry, you can use social listening and social monitoring tools such as Sprout Social, HootSuite, Brandwatch, etc. to help you keep track of them. 

How do you respond to social mentions?

Each time someone mentions your brand on social media, make time to respond. Think of it as an opportunity to engage your audience. 

Sharing photos or videos online 

Social media has empowered customers to share their thoughts, feelings, and opinions about products and services that they purchase. People nowadays love sharing their experiences by posting photos and/or videos on social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, etc. When someone tags your brand, take the time to acknowledge the post or tweet and thank the individual for sharing. This will help make the customer feel valued. Showing this kind of appreciation is just one way of building brand loyalty and trust. 

Giving insights about the product or service

Some customers may reach out to you and provide feedback about your product or service. For example, a satisfied customer who chartered your private boat posted on Facebook how much he and his companions enjoyed their trip with you. The customer might even cite specific things that he liked about the trip. Acknowledge the post and thank the person for sharing his experience. You can also encourage the customer to avail of your service again by saying that you would be delighted to see them back on board. 

There’s a saying that you can’t please everyone which holds true in any business. You might come across customers who post about their unsatisfactory experiences with your brand. Don’t make the mistake of ignoring negative social mentions. Instead of tossing them aside, use those feedbacks as an opportunity to develop your product or service. 

Always make it a point to be polite when you reply to negative comments. The last thing you want to do is go on a defensive mode. It’s recommended that you look into the situation to better understand the circumstances of the customer. Respond in a tone that reflects the mission and values of your company. Find ways to resolve the issue and use it as a learning experience to improve your product or service. Let the individual know that you’re taking the necessary action. By doing so, you can prevent the issue from escalating and restore trust. 

Some situations may call for a more private approach especially when it involves personal customer data. In this type of case, it’s best to communicate through private or direct message. 

Use social mentions to your advantage

Social mentions can benefit your business. When managed properly, they can boost your brand image, promote brand awareness, bolster trust, and build customer loyalty. Put social media icons on your website so visitors can easily click and visit them. Get in touch with CaptainPanel if you need help improving your existing website or creating a new mobile-friendly website equipped with an online reservation system.

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