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Impact of customer reviews to a charter company during pandemic

COVID-19 coronavirus has dramatically affected the boat charter business and many other industries. The worldwide economy is struggling and many businesses are finding ways to stay afloat during this pandemic. Even large and more established companies are facing the challenges imposed by the coronavirus. What can small businesses do to strengthen their relationships with customers in this age of social distancing?

In the past few months, boat charter services in many countries have been limited due to social distancing measures and travel restrictions. Boat charter businesses are now starting to open again. How your business presents itself to customers is going to help determine how your company establishes itself in the new normal. 

As the world navigates in these precarious times, people have numerous concerns, questions, and assumptions about how COVID-19 is affecting day to day lives. Many people turn to the Internet to search for the information that they need.

Key findings of a study show that 76% of people trust online reviews as much as they count on recommendations from family and friends. With a significant percentage of people relying on online reviews before making a purchase decision, it is crucial to maintain the flow of customer reviews especially in this age of COVID-19.

Customer reviews can help build the reputation of your boat charter company. It can also boost the credibility of your company and help you form new relationships with clients. Most of all, customer reviews can help influence consumer behavior.

Make it easy to make reviews on your website

Contact Us page

CaptainPanel can help you turn more visitors into customers by optimizing your website complete with scheduling software for small businesses. Our team can create a Contact Page to make it easy for users to send you a message right from your website. Using a contact form presents an opportunity to get to know your audience better. This will also enable you to follow up on leads and build your relationships with your customers.

Our team can also share links or clickable icons on your website that can help you collect reviews. This may include TripAdvisor and social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. 

Customer feedback survey

Consider requesting reviews from regular customers and new clients who recently chartered a boat with you. Another way to generate new reviews is by launching an email campaign such as a customer feedback survey. This is a great tool to help you understand what your customers like and dislike in your charter services. You can also use the results of the survey to determine areas that can still be improved. 

Customer reviews on website

Tips in creating customer feedback survey

  • State the goal of your online survey. Explain why you created the survey and what you want to accomplish with it. Mention how you will use the data that you gathered.
  • Keep the survey short and clear. Most respondents prefer shorter surveys which are quick and easy to answer. Short surveys generally get higher response rates. Whereas, long ones have a tendency to bore respondents and abandon answering questions. 
  • Keep questions simple and easy to understand. Review your list and remove unnecessary questions. Every part of the survey questionnaire should be aligned with your main goal.

Getting positive online reviews from loyal clients can serve as a vote of confidence for your business. It’s also a good foundation to build new relationships with customers.


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