Writing tour description

How to write the ideal tour description

A tour description plays an important marketing role in this digital world. It’s what potential customers read on your website to know the details of your tour. The way you write your tour description can make a significant difference between converting a visitor into a customer or losing a sales opportunity. 

The purpose of a tour description is to provide potential customers with the right information about the features of your activity. The content should be able to entice the visitor to book a trip. 

If you have existing trip content on your website but wondering why site visitors are not clicking the book now button, then it’s probably your tour description. If you need help revamping your website and its content, CaptainPanel can redesign or create a new and modern website for your business equipped with charter software

Guidelines on how to write a great tour description

Attention-grabbing images

Al Ali Yacht tour

Website images often serve as the initial engagement tool that’s why it’s important to select attractive and unique photos that best describe your trips. Ali Ali Yachts showcases different images of their yachts and destinations on their page to entice visitors. 

Using eye-catching photos can grab the attention of users and trigger their interest. It can make the person want to read the rest of the information. It’s advisable to change or rotate your featured images from time to time and observe if user engagement increases or decreases. By doing so, you can find the perfect image that works best. You might also want to check the images used by your direct competitors in the same location. Select photos that are different from your competitors so you can stand out from your rivals.

Engaging title

When creating a title for your tour, make sure that it reflects your unique selling points to set you apart from your competitors. Avoid using generic titles such as “Rent a boat charter in San Diego” because there’s a chance that it can be used by other charter companies in the same location. You can incorporate other words in the title that reflect the experience to set your tour apart. For instance, you can use a more specific title like “Private Dinner and Sunset Cruise in San Diego”.  

Specific persona

Before crafting your tour description, you should already have a particular persona in mind. Think of unique features and trip add-ons that are attractive to the persona and include them in your description. Select images that you think will match your target audience’s preferences. 

Mention unique selling points 

Baja Shark Experience Itinerary

Let your target audience know what they can expect when they book the trip. Mention the unique features, exciting itinerary, and interesting highlights of the tour that will make your site visitors want to click the Book Now button.

Baja Shark Experience shares what customers can expect in their expedition including details of the trip, itinerary, things included and not included in the trip, equipment on board, etc.

Another thing, make sure that you are clear and concise about the inclusions and exclusions of the trip. Use relevant and searchable keywords to bring in more traffic to your website. 

You can follow these guidelines to come up with the perfect tour description for your boat charter business. When you have the right ingredients blended into one, you can boost your conversion rate.

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