How to encourage repeat customers

As a business owner, customer retention paves the way for building a long-lasting customer relationship. Customer retention means being able to maintain your customers. 

Keep in mind that a “return customer” is not the same as a “repeat customer”. A return customer is someone who has availed of your service and came back at least once. Whereas, a repeat customer, a.k.a. “loyal customer” keeps coming back time and time again. 

A happy customer is more likely to become a repeat customer. Getting customers to keep coming back is what customer retention is all about. When customers are happy and satisfied, they will become loyal to your brand. Repeat customers can help your business grow and boost your reputation through word of mouth. 

Tips to encourage repeat customers

Stay in touch with your customers

Your relationship with your customers does not end after the sale. Sending out a “thank you” email after the service is a good start. This kind of gesture reflects that your company values customer relationships. 

Maintaining communication with your clients will keep your business fresh in their minds. You can keep in touch with them by sharing the latest news, updates, and timely information about your services through email and/or newsletter. It’s also a good idea to send greetings and discount coupons/links on special occasions like birthdays, Valentine’s Day, Christmas, and so on. Giving incentives can encourage repeat customers.

Social media is also an effective platform to stay relevant in the minds of your clients. Stay active on social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and/or YouTube by posting regularly and giving your followers fresh content. 

Provide quality customer service and support

Excellent customer service cultivates loyal customers. In this competitive world, a great way to rise above your competitors is by giving your clients a stellar customer experience that they will always remember. Start by providing clients with a seamless booking transaction. With an online scheduling program, customers can book on the spot, wherever they are and whenever it is convenient for them. 

Invest in training your staff to equip them with the learning opportunities to improve themselves. The training will keep their knowledge fresh, enhance their skills, and make them more confident in dealing with customers. Having a well-trained team will not only revolutionize your business but will also help grow your customer base. 

A customer who has a positive experience will be encouraged to keep coming back. In addition, happy and satisfied customers usually share their good experiences with their family and friends, which can drive more opportunities and sales. When clients are happy, they are likely to take time to leave good reviews which can boost your trustworthy image. 

Reward loyal customers

Let your loyal customers know how much you value them by offering loyalty discounts or special price drops when they achieve a specific spending target. For example, you can give a customer 10% off on their next booking if they spend a certain amount of money. Just make sure you specify the terms and conditions of limited-time offers.

Another option to consider is coming up with a rewards or loyalty card scheme. You can give customers a card that will allow them to accumulate points. The card can be stamped or marked with every booking or the points can be tracked online. Set a target number or spending amount that will qualify them for a freebie (e.g. free item or add-on). 

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