How to cope with post lockdown demand

During the lockdown, the tours and activities industry felt a major setback due to the travel restrictions. Many operators were forced to reduce capacity during the lockdown to meet the new norms as well as cut costs. Bookings and cash flow went downhill. But things are beginning to pick up again. With the end of the lockdown in many places, people are looking forward to catching up on missed opportunities. COVID-19 restrictions are gradually easing with the increasing number of people getting vaccinated. Going on a much-deserved vacation is in the minds of many people.

Tips to help businesses keep up with the demand surge

1. Provide helpful information on your website

It’s recommended that you inform visitors about any capacity restrictions or changes in your procedures or protocols. Indicate if you have certain peak times and applicable price changes during those busy hours. 

2. Online booking process

If you haven’t digitized your booking process yet, it’s about time to shift from a traditional booking method to an online scheduling system. This will help you handle the increase in booking volumes. It will also capture booking opportunities even after office hours. With an online booking calendar, visitors can conveniently book and pay online anytime and anywhere. You can be assured that your booking calendar is always up-to-date so no need to worry about double-booking issues. 

 3. Highlight holidays and special events

If you have upcoming holidays and special events, it’s good to promote them ahead of time on your website. This will give customers an opportunity to book early and secure their slots on your trip.

4. Focus on your target customers

Show your appreciation to your loyal customers. Now that the COVID-19 restrictions are easing up, they are likely to be among the first ones to book a trip. You can inform your loyal customers through email or newsletter about any new activities or promotions. To reward loyal customers, you can also come up with special offers and discounts. If you went on a hiatus during the lockdown, let them know about your comeback or reopening. 

5. Come up with voucher sales

You can come up with vouchers to encourage customers to book a tour or activity. Customers can use the vouchers to avail themselves of discounted rates. It stimulates sales and it can draw customers’ attention to specific tours or activities that you want to highlight. For instance, if there are tours or activities that are underperforming, you can direct people’s attention to them by offering vouchers. This marketing strategy also encourages customer loyalty.

6. Offer interesting add-ons to your tours or activities 

With the increase in attention, this is a perfect time to cross-sell add-on products and/or services. For example, if you’re chartering private boat trips, you can provide add-on water activities such as fishing, snorkeling, and/or wake sports. Offering add-ons does not only increase your revenue but also promotes customer satisfaction.

Post lockdown comeback

The challenges brought about by the pandemic were not easy to overcome but your business survived against the odds. Use this time to reconnect with old customers and attract new ones.

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