Grab Google’s attention with fresh content

Think of fresh content like a new design from a fashion designer. In the competitive world of fashion, you need to come up with something fresh and interesting to catch the eye of your clients and critics. As for a website, you have to offer fresh content to capture the attention of readers/customers and the critic/Google. 

What is fresh content?

fresh content is king

When you say fresh content, it can mean updating the existing information or adding new pages to your website to help it rank higher in search engine results. The new content must be relevant to your target audience; otherwise, it will be useless if visitors do not find fresh information interesting or beneficial to them. You can do this by giving your visitors what they are looking for – clear, helpful and informative page copy. 

Why is there a need to add regular new content?

Frequent indexing

New information may not automatically give you higher indexing but when you update your site regularly with fresh articles and web pages, a search engine such as Google will stop by to visit your website more often. The recurrent visits from search engines will give your site better chances of boosting your rankings based on the quality of the content that you provide. This means that every time you update, it gets the attention of the search engine and by doing so more often, the search engine might reassess your ranking. Frequent updates can reap benefits as long as you maintain high content standards but if you bombard your page with a lot of low-quality text packed with keywords, you will get penalized. 

More keywords

Keywords are a huge aspect of SEO and creating fresh content opens more opportunities to target keywords that rank high on search engine indexing. You can find relevant keywords by executing keyword research for your SEO strategy. Adding new content such as a blog post gives you an opportunity to use the most relevant keywords that can attract visitors to your site. 

Nemo Diving Blog

For instance, Nemo Diving Center updates its website regularly by posting new blog articles at least twice a month. Each new blog post focuses on a different aspect of their dive shop including dive courses and trips that they offer. They also write content that divers might find interesting and enhance their skills such as diving theories and techniques. Nemo Diving Center uses valuable keywords that they know will help a search engine regard their website as a reliable site for scuba diving needs. 

Potential to get an inbound link

If your website has excellent content, there is a higher chance that it will be mentioned or linked to by other websites, bloggers, or news agencies. Inbound links can help boost the number of visitors and bring potential customers to your site when they click on the link from another website. It is a huge benefit if a high-authority website links to one of your pages because Google will consider you as a relevant website and increase your chances of getting a ranking upgrade. 

Build authority potential

When you regularly add valuable information on your website, it can help build your authority in your niche. By maintaining quality content, you can consistently provide your target visitors with helpful information that they need which can make you a credible site in your industry. 

diving in dubai - Google Search

For example, Nemo Diving Center ranks on the first page of Google when you search for “diving in Dubai” or “diving center in Dubai” making it an authority site in the Dubai diving industry. By establishing itself as an authority within its niche, Nemo Diving Center is able to build trust and grow its audience. 

Generating fresh content does not only attract more visitors but it also motivates loyalty because visitors are more likely to come back to a website that they can trust. On the other hand, visitors who find your content outdated will be discouraged from coming back knowing that you have nothing new and interesting to offer them.

Increase conversions 

The ultimate goal of a website, whether you’re selling products or offering services, is to convert visitors to customers and generate revenue. An excellent page copy will not only educate the user about your product/service, but it will also help convince them to use purchase your product or avail your services. By telling the user what they need to know, you eliminate the possibility of them leaving your page because the information they seek is already there.

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