How can your boat rental business increase bookings by using Google Ads

For those who are new to the concept of search marketing, Google Ads is an advertising service offered by Google to businesses that want to run ads on search engine results pages (SERPs) and its advertising network. When you perform an online search, Google Ads are the top ads that you see under the line “Sponsored Links” located on the right-hand corner or on top of the Google search results.

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Boat rental operators can craft ads by targeting keywords that people would likely use when searching online. Whenever a keyword is used for an online query (e.g. “boat rental” or “boat hire”), it will prompt your ad to be shown. Some business owners prefer ad scheduling which only shows their ad on certain days or business hours when they are more equipped to handle customer inquiries. Negative keywords can also be used to prevent ads from being shown to people who are not ready to book. Examples of negative keywords are “compare”, “reviews”, “news”, “jobs”,  and similar words that suggest that a user isn’t ready to purchase yet.

How can Google Ads help your rental business

For a small business like a charter boat company, Pay-per-click (PPC) ads that appear in Google search results pages can help drive traffic to its website which can potentially convert into customers.

Below are several advantages of using PPC ads for your boat rental company:

1. Reach users who are actually interested in your service

Choosing the right keywords and budget can propel you to the top of the results page. Properly targeted keywords such as “rent a boat online”, “hire a boat near me”, or “boat charter for rent” can make your ads appear on the screen of potential customers at the very moment that they are looking for a boat rental service.

You can even build authenticity and trust in the industry which can generate higher leads and traffic to your website through Google Ads. According to recent studies, most web visitors believe that the initial list of websites that appear on the top portion of the search result page are bona fide businesses that are safe to engage. 

2. Target searches based on your location

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In most cases, search results outside of your area will not do you any good. Google Ads, however, allows you to target your searches based on geography which increases your chances of connecting with potential clients near you. For instance, if you’re a boat charter operator in the Malaga region of Spain, you can adjust your ad to only be shown to people located in Malaga and nearby municipalities like Fuengirola and Marbella.

3. Send a potential customer to your chosen page

When your website appears on search engine results, you usually have little control on which of your webpage will appear. Google Ads, on the other hand, gives you control which page the user will land. You can use your homepage as the landing page but it is highly recommended to use a custom page whose purpose is just to get a boat rental reservation. An ideal landing page contains vital information such as the type of boat, its specifications, fishing equipment onboard, along with pricing, and photos. Website navigation should be removed so that the user will only have two choices, either make a booking or exit the page. This increases the odds of getting a reservation whereas a page with navigation can result in a user getting lost in other pages and losing interest.

4. Monitor results with ease

It is hard to determine the effectiveness of old fashioned ads like print, radio, or television ads as there’s no way to track which channel your sales came from. But that is easy with Google Ads – you can even monitor important metrics such as:

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Quality Score – the measurement of how relevant your advertisements, keywords and landing pages are to the person looking at your ad. Higher quality score often leads to cheaper ads

Click Through Rate – the ratio of the number of people who view your ad in connection with the number of individuals who actually click on it

Conversion Rate – how often a click on your ad translates to a booking

5. Get results quickly

Another major advantage of PPC advertising compared to other marketing channels approaches is the amount of time to see the results of your efforts. You may have to wait several months to see the impact of SEO on a website while a PPC campaign can increase the number of bookings overnight.

How much does Google Ads cost

There’s no exact fee for Google Ads since the cost depends on many variables and it operates on an auction or bidding model. You can control costs, however, by allocating a daily budget and pay only when a user clicks the ad. Cost also depends on the keywords you use. For example, the keyword “boat rental los angeles” is quite popular because it has 1000 people using it in search queries every month and each click can range from $1 to $4. Rule of thumb is the higher the monthly search queries, the higher the bids. Cost per click is also influenced by geography and the device (desktop or mobile) the ads are shown.

What are other advantages and disadvantages

Did you know that you can “steal” traffic from your competitors?  If you search for a specific boat rental company in let’s say Mexico, you’re bound to get a few ads of their competing. The reason behind this is that some boat charters take advantage of the popularity of leading boat charters in their area.  Call it an aggressive online marketing strategy and it may work for some. However, tapping into the stream of traffic meant for your competitors may be more expensive as it may spark a bidding war between you and your rivals.

Sometimes a boat rental website may not rank on Google for any related search terms.  Google Ads can help a boat operator with this kind of predicament by bringing traffic to their website immediately. A well-run campaign is an excellent way to temporarily amass users while the website is being optimized for SEO or while other sources of traffic are being built such as email marketing, social media ads, and others.

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