Engaging in proactive customer service

Customers today are attracted to businesses that are committed to providing a consistent first-class customer experience. With so many choices, customers can afford to have high expectations. If one business fails to meet their needs, they can move on to the next business offering similar products and/or services. This is why businesses should up their game to deliver not just quality customer service but a proactive one.

What is proactive customer service?

When you hear the words customer service, the first thing that usually comes to mind is dealing with a problem provided by a customer and resolving the issue. This approach is still widely practiced but you can set yourself apart from your competitors. You can do this by implementing a proactive approach and not just a reactive response.

Difference between a reactive and proactive approach

Reactive customer service is when customers make the first move to resolve an issue. While proactive customer service is when you take the initiative in coming up with actionable insights to potential issues.

Proactive customer service means anticipating a need, issue, challenge, or problem that might affect a customer and providing the best possible way to deal with it. By anticipating a potential challenge, you can avoid that situation before it even manifests as a problem. The ability to identify patterns and suggest preventive measures can give you that cutting edge you need in your industry. 

Advantages of proactive customer service 

Lessen the number of customer support calls 

Detecting and reacting to a challenge and resolving it in its early stage enables you to cut down customer support calls. Proactive customer service prevents client ire because they see that you’re taking charge of the problem at hand. 

Build up customer loyalty

Embracing a proactive customer service approach reflects a good image. It shows that you care for your customers and knows how to pay attention to details. Discerning customers appreciate these traits in a business. This kind of excellent customer service inspires them to stay with the brand and become loyal customers. 

Set the record straight

Avoid letting a situation boil to the point where customers are left to make their own theories about the situation. This might lead them to make the wrong conclusions or exaggerate the situation. By getting involved in the conversation, you can set the record straight in order to provide customers more reasonable expectations. This enables you to engage with clients so that you can put your brand in the most favorable light.


Proactive customer service can boost customer satisfaction, build loyalty, and boost revenue. When customers are happy, it helps turn them into loyal customers and brand advocates.

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