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Effectively promote your dive center on Instagram

Impact of social media on your business

Social media presence is an important thing in this digitally-influenced world. Whether you run a small business or a big company, social media is now a vital part of a business marketing strategy.

Social media platforms help link you with your customers, build brand awareness, and increase leads and sales. Last year’s social media statistics show that there are 3.5 billion social media users around the world. Suffice it to say, social media is not just a trend since the number of users continues to increase.

If your social media activities are just focused on Facebook, it’s time to broaden your social presence by adding an Instagram account. Over the years, Instagram has grown and evolved into a major social marketing channel. This visually-focused platform can help you gain avid followers and high engagement. Here are some tips to get you started:

Create an Instagram (IG) account

  1. Sign up for an Instagram account and choose a username that represents your dive center. 
  2. Upload a profile photo. Use your company logo if possible.
  3. Link your website on your Bio. Take note that this is the only place where your link is clickable. 
  4. Link your other social media networks like Facebook.

Get more followers on Instagram

Consistent name and profile image

Your intended audience must be able to recognize you on Instagram. That’s why it’s recommended to choose an Instagram name that’s the same as the name of your dive center or related to your business name. Keep your name consistent across other social media channels so your customers can easily identify and search for you. 

It’s equally important to keep your profile image consistent as well. Your profile image on Instagram will appear as a small circle that is approximately 150 x 150 pixels. It’s best to optimize your photo by positioning the image to fit the circle. 

The thumbnail of your profile pic will be associated with all your interactions on IG. It means that your profile pic will appear whenever you comment or reply to one. IG users also get notifications about who liked their pictures, followed them, tagged them, and mentioned them. It’s an advantage to have a recognizable logo so that people can identify your dive center. 

Integrate Instagram and Facebook

It’s now easy to manage multiple social media channels like Facebook and Instagram. These two services feature an integration mode so you can easily link your accounts. Once you link your accounts, you can share from Instagram to a Facebook page that you manage. 

Each time you upload a photo on IG, you will be given the option to share with the Facebook account that you linked. You can also choose not to share on other social media platforms and keep the photo exclusively on Instagram.

Craft an interesting Bio

Instagram has limited space (150 characters) so use it wisely to grab the attention of your intended audience. 

Create an interesting professional Bio for your Instagram account that reflects your dive center. Here are some vital key points that you need when crafting your Bio:

  1. Tell profile visitors what your business offers and who you serve 
  2. Indicate your location
  3. Place a call to action (CTA)

Here are some examples that you can consider for your CTA:

  • Direct to the point: “Click our bio link to see our dive courses and trips.”
  • Place clickable hashtags: “Tag #brandedhashtag to highlight your experience with us.”
  • Highlight a promo: “Avail of our discounted dive course/dive boat trip for a limited period.”

Create content for your intended audience

When you create content, consider how your photos can attract and motivate your intended audience to book a dive course or dive trip. You can share underwater photos of your dive location and marine life encounters. Choose captivating images that will get the attention of your followers and browsers. It’s also recommended to post diving videos of your courses and trips. Videos have the potential to get very high engagement rates on IG. 

Utilize hashtags 

Hashtags can be a combination of letters, numbers, and even emoji. It is preceded by the #symbol. People who click on a hashtag or perform a search using it will see a page with other posts tagged with the same hashtag. Using the right hashtags can categorize your post and make it more discoverable. Thus, it can result in higher engagement. 

The higher your post appears, the more chances of getting discovered by people who are not your followers. People who find your post may double-tap it to like or even follow you. 

Use Instagram Stories

Your dive center can use Instagram Stories to keep your followers engaged. IG stories showcase brief images or videos which are best-suited for a mobile experience. 

Instagram stories are quick and not formatted as a regular post. This makes it perfect for testing a new concept. If it receives plenty of positive replies, you can consider posting it as a permanent IG entry or using that idea to create a better one for your standard post. It can also act as a teaser of a longer video that you intend to share on your account. 

Make your stories more fun by playing with the available modes to create in other formats. Examples of the modes are Boomerang (1-second looping videos), Superzoom (zooming on the subject using humorous effects), Rewind (video in reverse), and more.

If you have a business account, you may add a link to your stories. This feature allows you to advertise your dive services or other special promotions.  

Begin your Instagram journey now

If you don’t have an Instagram account yet, it’s about time to start one. You can use these tips to make a strong first impression on Instagram to attract your intended audience. People who discover your interesting posts may be inspired to check out your page and follow you along your journey. 

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