Boost brand awareness by publishing creative content

Quality creative content plays an important role in keeping your business relevant in this modern world where consumers are more demanding and empowered. Coming up with the right blend of creative content is vital to help businesses connect with their target audience, engage with them, and gain their trust in this social media era.

How creative content can promote brand awareness

Harness your creativity by telling a story

You have to make your content interesting and unique if you want to create a buzz that would capture the interest of your target audience. When you want to relay information, you can make it more dynamic by creating a story involving characters and injecting a call-to-action. 

One of our clients, Nemo Diving Center, makes it a point to post captivating photos of real-life customers on Instagram that showcase the sheer beauty of Dubai and Fujairah waters. 

Take this Instagram post as an example, the photo of a diver strutting her dance moves underwater with the caption “Let’s dance in deep water” shows how remarkably fun diving is. So much so that you can be as carefree as you want and overcome your shyness in the water. This post tells the behind-the-story of how the feeling of zero gravity makes it easy to relax, forget your worries, and just give in to the moment which can inspire certified divers to check out the dive center and book a trip with them. It can also pique the interest of non-divers and be motivated to try diving. 

Empathize with your clients

Expressing empathy is a good way to connect with your valued customers because emotion is very powerful and attuning to the feelings of your clients can help you establish a connection.

For example, Nemo Diving Center shares the fulfillment of being able to help a marine creature in distress through a blog post about a rescued sea turtle at Dibba Rock, Fujairah. They shared a video that captured how they freed a turtle that was entangled in discarded fishing line. The post is meant to open the eyes of readers to the sad plight of underwater creatures like turtles due to garbage pollution and encourage people to make a positive difference in their area through eco-friendly practices. The empowering post appeals to certified divers to use their skills to join clean-up dives while non-divers may be inspired to take up diving courses to be able to explore and help protect the marine world. 

Instill social responsibility

In a different blog post, Nemo Diving Center exemplifies social responsibility by partnering with Marriott International Serve 360 with the tagline “Doing good in every direction.” The clean-up campaign of the Fujairah Sea shows the involvement of the dive center in the local community and encourages fellow divers to take part in future clean-up drives to promote environmental sustainability. 

Promote social media engagement 

In this modern age, people give high regard to businesses that respond on sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter since there are clients who turn to social media for customer support and product/service inquiries. That’s why it’s not enough to create quality content but you also have to interact with your audience on social media channels. 

Let your customers know that you are listening to them by participating in discussions on different social media platforms. Take the time to thank people who post positive reviews of your service and invite them again to avail of the same service or something new that your company offers. Do not ignore negative feedback; instead, reach out to the concerned individual to find out the root cause of the problem and figure out a way to resolve the matter and if possible, make it up to the customer. 

People like to hear back from you when they take the time to reach out to your business. According to a survey conducted by Sprout Social regarding how people feel when a business responds to them on social media:

  • 70% of people are more likely to use your products or avail of your services
  • 65% of clients show brand loyalty
  • 25% of people are less inclined to go for your competitor 
  • 25% of people are less likely to leave negative comments about your business
  • 75% of people are more inclined to share a good experience using your product or service

Keep in mind that great content can help you communicate your business ideas with fluidity and inspire conversation among readers that can bring in new leads. By maintaining a healthy interaction with your customers, you can boost your brand awareness, expand your reach, and increase your ROI. It can also prevent customers from going to your competitors and drive new clients to your business.

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