How to hoist the sales of your boat charter business

There are many boat charter companies that offer different kinds of tours and activities. If you want to get ahead of your competitors and increase your bookings, you need to pay attention to the kind of experience you want to offer your clients and come up with effective marketing strategies to reach your target market.

Power of the web

In this tech-driven generation, a website has become an essential marketing tool for both big and small businesses. If you don’t have a website, chances are you are missing out on a number of great opportunities for your charter business.

Don’t worry because it’s not too late to kickstart your marketing efforts toward a digital direction. CaptainPanel can help you build a website from the ground up to help your company establish an online presence and give you a wider reach in terms of marketing and advertising. Our creative web development team can create a modern and mobile-friendly website that is tailor-made for your boat or yacht rentals.

When you have your own website, you can begin promoting your tours and activities on the Internet where potential customers can find you. Our team will ensure that your website has all the necessary details and modern features to increase the odds of converting visitors to customers. That’s not all … we help give you an edge from your competitors by integrating an online booking system on your website to make the booking and payment process easy and convenient for your clients.

A website is also a great way to give your business credibility and encourage people to trust your company. When you provide quality service, you are likely to receive positive feedback in the form of testimonials which you can put on your website. These testimonials can influence a visitor’s decision to book a tour with you.

Social media is another digital platform tool where you can showcase your tours and activities. You can create social media accounts on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to share information about your packages as well as photos and videos of your boat or yacht and activities. This kind of visual marketing can help increase the likelihood of getting noticed by your target market and increase the odds of converting them to customers.

You can build a positive social media image by taking time to listen to your visitors and followers by acknowledging comments, responding to online inquiries, and providing solutions to challenges that clients may encounter.

Personalized trips

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Many boat or yacht charters offer the same kind of trips and activities that tourists often enjoy. If you want to stand out from your competitors, you can offer personalized trips for smaller groups of people. This would allow your clients to create a custom package that perfectly suits their personal needs and interests. You can coordinate with your guests to discuss their preferences including meals, itinerary, entertainment, and accommodation. The freedom to customize their onboard experience can give your customers a fun and memorable trip.

Winning team

Having a great captain and crew is a significant element of your charter business. Since a boat charter business is in the service industry, your role as a captain is not only to take your passengers safely to their destination but also to ensure that they have a great experience under your wing with the help of a top-level crew.

As a boat charter captain, you are not just a professional boater but you’re also juggling other important roles when you’re taking your guests out at sea. Aside from manning the helm of your boat, you are also filling the duties of a warm host, friendly tour guide, attentive event coordinator, and in some cases a helpful fishing guide.

When you deliver quality service, you give a lasting impression to your clients. As a result, satisfied clients can book another trip with you and become loyal customers. They can also spread the word about your excellent service by recommending you to their family and friends.

After sales service

after sales

Providing your clients with a great sailing experience is a good premise for repeat business. Take advantage of this opportunity by ensuring that your client remembers you in a positive light. A good way of doing this is by keeping the lines of communication open between you and your customers. You can send them a newsletter featuring interesting news about your company and the latest updates on your services. Add a personal touch to your newsletter by mentioning fun or memorable moments that you shared during the trip. This can bring nostalgia and inspire the client to relive the experience by booking another tour with you.

You can also offer your clients a discount for their next trip to show your appreciation for availing of your services. In lieu of a discount, you can give a client a nice freebie like company merchandise. The thoughtful gesture can ignite your customer’s interest in your boat charter business and motivate them to book with you again.

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