Best boating apps for boat captains and crews

In this modern world, smartphones and other handheld gadgets have become an integral part of our daily lives. We use them to set our alarm in the morning, find out about the weather, read emails, listen to music, watch movies, take photos and videos, shop, and the list goes on. The influx of both free and paid mobile apps has made our lives somewhat easier because of the multitude of tasks that we can execute with just the touch of our fingers.
For boat captains and crew, smartphones and other handheld gadgets don’t only keep them connected with family and friends when they are out at sea but they also make day-to-operations more manageable through various mobile applications.

Check out these leading apps that can provide you with useful information for your trip and improve your onboard experience.

Marine Traffic

marinetraffic app

The focal feature of the MarineTraffic app is the AIS (Automatic Identification System) which is an automated tracking system that allows you to monitor vessel activity by connecting to the largest network of AIS receivers. This global ship-tracking site is capable of tracking your position, speed, and course as well as the positions of the vessels around you. The app enables you to electronically share and exchange vessel information and positional data which is processed, decoded, and made available in near real-time on the MarineTraffic website.

You can download it from the App Store, Google Store, and Amazon and then register your free account. Additional services may be accessed by subscribing to your choice of single services or plans (varying fees) that best suit your needs.

Animated Knots

animated knots app

If you’re new to sailing, the Animated Knots is a pay-to-play app which uses animation to demonstrate the proper ways to tie nautical knots. This app is perfect for boaters who use ropes to handle heavy loads; particularly when mooring, berthing, managing sails, or preparing for rough seas.

The app features a compilation of useful knots based on many years of sailing which you can easily follow by watching instructional videos. You can get this app via the App Store or Google Play.


captainpanel app

Looking for a fast and efficient online booking software for your boat charter? The CaptainPanel app is just what you need if you’re aiming to streamline your processes by integrating online booking and professional invoicing to your company website.

In this modern and fast-paced world, the CaptainPanel software can give you a competitive advantage. By downloading the app, you can easily manage and track bookings and payments on your mobile or any other handheld devices whether you’re on land or at sea. In addition to this, you can also have access to customer support and built-in reports.


fishweather app

If you manage a fishing boat charter, this application is a dependable weather source because it reports real-time wind conditions from over 50,000 stations around the world. You can get your hands on tide reports, satellite or clouds map, forecast map, and nautical charts.

The wind is a significant factor in fishing since it can affect water clarity and level of the tide which can be indicative of eating habits of certain fish species. By knowing the wind direction and speed, you can select the most ideal fishing spots and target species. For instance, the wind blowing from the east after a big cold front can result in a drop in water temperature. The temperature shock is likely to make the fish inactive and decrease your angling odds. The wind coming from the west, usually right before a storm hits, may influence the fish to go on a feeding frenzy which is a great opportunity for anglers. The north wind is also associated with the cold front which makes angling less favorable. You can expect more hits when the south winds come during summer because a lot of species become active feeders.

FishWeather is available on both iOs and Android.

Efficient Sea

efficient sea app

If you’re managing a superyacht, the Efficient Sea app can help you with company documentation and reporting requirements. This paperless tool designed by an experienced superyacht captain makes every document, code, and form readily available on your iPad, where they can be completed, signed and emailed without the need for hard copies, files or scans.

The Efficient Sea iPad app is a cloud-based program that safely stores all data for instant retrieval, even between subscription periods. It also has excellent security provisions, restricting access to only nominated users that you authorize.

With this tool, you can manage all mandatory reporting forms and compliance materials like ISM, SMS & MLC compliance, safety management systems, crew management, accounting, and other yachting needs. Another great thing about this cloud-based program is its archiving and exporting features which makes it easy to retrieve store and retrieve files. Security is not a problem because you can restrict access to users that you authorized.

Efficient Sea is only available on the iPad.

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