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6 customer service tips during this pandemic

People around the world are coping with the changes around them as the world navigates to what we call the “new normal”. Businesses and consumers are learning to adjust to the effects of the pandemic. Everyone is acclimatizing to the changes in the workplace and finding ways to get through these unprecedented times. With the right attitude and perseverance, your small business can overcome the hurdles of COVID-19 and stay afloat. 

Delivering excellent customer service during a pandemic is crucial in the success of your small business. Here are six customer service tips that you can apply during and even after the pandemic.

1. Keep customers on the loop about what’s happening in your business

Express empathy by letting your customers know that you understand how the pandemic is affecting them. Make your customers feel safe and at ease by telling them about the safety and sanitation measures that you’re implementing to prevent the spread of the virus. 

2. Inform people how to get in touch with you

If your services are still ongoing, provide proper guidelines for your customers. Outline what they can expect during this pandemic and things they should do to maintain safety. If you are following a new schedule and policies, inform your clients about your current operating hours and other changes. 

For instance, if you’re in the boat charter business, inform customers if you have lessened your boat capacity and onboard social distancing regulations. 

3. Make things easier for your customers

Make things simple and convenient for your customers. For instance, an online scheduling program will make it easy for your customers to book your services and send payment online. Customers don’t have to physically go to your sales office to book a service. It’s fast and convenient because clients can book services online wherever they are. With round the clock booking solution, clients don’t have to be limited to your business hours. They can book through your website whenever it is most convenient for them. 

4. Come up with new and innovative products or services

Challenges can inspire innovation and development. Don’t let the difficult situation rob you of your vision. Always seek new doors of opportunities to surpass the tumble blocks that you encounter as the world navigates the age of COVID-19. Innovations may not be limited during the pandemic. It can become a stepping stone to new heights even after things return to normal. Be sure to communicate with your customers that you are doing what you think is best to serve them better. 

5. Lend a helping hand to the community

Try to look for ways to express your support for your local and national communities. For instance, if you’re managing a dive center, you can coordinate with environmental groups and scuba divers to plan a clean-up dive in your area. As many of you know, our ocean is facing a new threat. In the quest to fight Coronavirus, many countries around the world have implemented the use of face masks when leaving respective homes. Mandatory wearing of face masks has increased the demand for single-use Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) particularly disposal face masks and gloves. Encourage passionate scuba divers to have fun exploring the underwater world with a purpose. As a sustainable dive center, you can give back to the ocean by protecting it and the marine life that calls it home.

6. Implement hassle-free cancellations

Profit is important in any business but in times like these, it’s important to demonstrate that you care for your customers. A great way of doing this is by making it easy for clients to reschedule or cancel services. Showing that you care strengthens your relationship and becomes a foundation of trust and loyalty. Customers are likely to return and avail of your services again when the situation is more stable.  

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