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5 Strategies to attract domestic travelers

After a year of travel restrictions, the situation has eased up, giving travelers a chance to go on a much-needed getaway. With proper safety and health protocols, your tour and activity business can thrive again. 

Although COVID-19 vaccinations are being implemented across the globe, some countries still have strict travel guidelines. In addition to that, a lot of people feel safer by traveling not so far away from home. This is a good opportunity for tour and activity businesses to promote domestic travel. It will give locals a chance to appreciate the beautiful places in their home country and connect to their own culture. Here are some tips to attract local travelers.

1. Follow stringent safety and cleanliness protocols

Make sure that your workplace (e.g. sales office, dive center, etc.) conforms to strict occupational safety and health criteria recommended by the government and World Health Organization (WHO). This will help minimize the risk to staff and customers of exposure to COVID-19. For example, regularly sanitize surfaces at your business center as well as equipment used for your activities. Always provide hand sanitizers near the entrance or other strategic areas within the premises. For boat charters, make sure that you have excellent onboard sanitation guidelines for the safety of the staff and guests.

In this period of social distancing, it’s a perfect time to promote your online reservation system and online payment for fast, convenient, and stress-free transactions. In addition, an online booking also helps you eliminate unnecessary queues so you don’t have to worry about managing the flow of the people.

2. Get in touch with customers through email

A good way to reach out to customers is by sending out emails. Engage with past customers and let them know about new and old services, special promotions discounts, and safety precautions you’ve taken. This can entice loyal customers to go on a well-deserved rest and relaxation. It’s best to avoid sending out too many emails at once. Send them at a fixed interval to keep the interest of your customers without coming off as annoying. 

3. Promote your services on social media

Social media is a great tool in this modern era to update customers about the latest news about your business and the newest promotions. Social media also enables you to reach a wider audience. Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are just a few examples of popular social media channels where you can highlight your tour packages and engage with your audience. By being socially active and replying promptly to queries, you can attract more customers and boost leads. 

4. Highlight your itinerary and local attractions

Make sure you have well-planned and exciting itineraries to attract domestic travelers to book your tours. Tell your audience about your beautiful and unique destinations. Provide visually appealing photos to captivate your audience even more.

Since the Internet has become a powerful local marketing tool, getting listed in local directories will widen your reach. A good starting point is getting listed in Google My Business so that enthusiastic travelers can find your business information on Google and Google Maps. 

5. Gather customer reviews

Customer reviews are a reflection of the standards of service and credibility. Positive reviews can strengthen your reputation and build trust. It can also be a great tool to attract new customers. 

Encourage your guests to give you feedback about their experiences with you. You can gather customer reviews through emails, social media channels, your website, and review sites (e.g. Google My Business, TripAdvisor, Yahoo! Local Listing, etc.). 

Start attracting local travelers

Use these tips to reignite the interest of locals to explore their home country. By following these suggestions, you can seize the opportunity to increase your bookings. 

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