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4 Ways to use visual content to boost website traffic

First of all, why is website traffic important? In this digital era, website traffic is essential to business growth. It can help you gather valuable insights about your audience and improve your search engine credibility. Website traffic can also generate a higher number of leads and boost conversions. 

Visual content is one of the key ingredients in driving traffic to your watersport company website. Here are some tips to properly utilize visual content to your advantage.

Benefits of using visual content

1. Evoke positive feelings

Did you know that emotions often influence people’s purchasing decisions? Chances are you can think of many instances where you bought something because it made you happy.

According to Psychology Today, Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging (fMRI) demonstrates that consumers use feelings and personal experiences to evaluate brands. Many people give emotions more weight when making a purchasing decision rather than relying on brand facts, features, and attributes. 

With this information, it’s advisable to choose images that bring out positive feelings. By tapping on the positive emotions of your audience, you can connect with them better. Emotions are powerful enough to convert visitors to customers. 

2. Maintain the element of human touch

Today’s generation of consumers puts great value on the connection they form with a brand. This why general and impersonal marketing content are less effective in this modern world. 

Using human faces will give your website that essential human touch. Avoid cheesy stock photos that look staged and go for photos of real people. For instance, if you’re managing a dive center, it’s a good idea to feature photos of your dive instructors and their dive credentials. The pictures combined will humanize your small business and make it more relatable to your audience. If the focal point of your dive center is the personal service that you offer your customers, the photos of your dive instructors will reinforce this. You can also feature photos of your divers in your website gallery. 

If you think that your content and images lack personality, then it’s about time to re-evaluate your website. Don’t know where to begin? CaptainPanel can build a customized website with the best scheduling software for your business. Our team will put together the right blend of elements including text and images that are in line with your company and your brand. 

3. Be unique

Today’s technology enables you to build exciting websites so go ahead and take advantage of it. People are always looking for something new and fresh. Create a unique and dynamic website using great images.

Nemo Diving Center

For instance, Nemo Diving Center captures the interest of its visitors by incorporating a video slideshow on the banner. These changing videos easily outshine the standard one-dimensional banner of competitors.

Test website changes

The goal of these tips is to help you create an engaging website that drives traffic. If you make any changes to your website, make sure that you test the modifications. It’s important that the changes do not affect the overall performance of your website. 

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