3 Reasons why you should refresh your website content

Think of your website as a living entity on the Internet. Each update you make helps drive visitors to your website. Interaction with visitors is the major source of energy that keeps your website going. A static site with zero updates can be forgotten by search engines and slowly wither away. When you do not update, search engines will view your website as nothing more but a “dead” entity. 

What can you do to avoid this from happening? The answer is to update your content. Here are the benefits of updating old content and giving your website a refreshing boost.

1. Frequent Indexing

Your goal is to entice search engines to visit your site more frequently. The more you update your content, the more visits you get from search engines. Google and other search engines utilize “web crawlers” that are responsible for scanning the internet for websites.  The goal of the “web crawler”, also known as bots or robots, is to “index” a website. This is to according to certain algorithmic factors established by the search engine company. 

The search engine is alerted every time you update your website. The incessant visits from search engines will boost your opportunities to get higher rankings as it rearranges the ranking of your site based on the content that you provide. 

However, keep in mind that quantity does not compensate for quality. Update your website frequently but make sure you maintain high-quality standards. Be careful … if you bombard your website with low-quality articles packed with keywords, you might end up getting penalized. 

2. Enhance SEO

Content may lose its value as time passes. Search engines favor websites that offer fresh and relevant content beneficial for their visitors. Websites with outdated content and no activity are ignored by search engines which may negatively impact SEO efforts. 

Get the attention of Google and other search engines by providing fresh content. You can start a blog or if you already have a blog section, it’s about time to post new articles. Why not rewrite key sections of your website such as About and Contact pages? 

Need help updating your website? CaptainPanel can help you update your content and make sure that your site is working effectively. Our web team can redesign your site to keep up with modern times and provide you with a booking solution. This is a great way to show search engines that your content is relevant, up-to-date, and accurate. These come-ons will merit frequent visits from Google. 

3. Boost engagement

Fresh and good quality content encourages your audience to stay and read your information or article. Posting new content frequently will give your audience something to look forward to. The more you engage your audience, the more chances of converting visitors into customers. 

Ready for a website refresh? Get in touch with CaptainPanel and we’ll help you update your website equipped with an online reservation system. If you need a modern look for your site, we can revamp it or create a new one to keep up with the times. Our team can provide you with quality content to boost your organic search rankings. With all these improvements, you can rise above your competitors in today’s highly competitive market.

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