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3 Business lessons learned from the pandemic

It’s been a year since the COVID-19 was declared a pandemic but the virus remains a threat to the world. The business sector has been struggling to adjust to the challenges brought by the pandemic. Some businesses have put up the white flag due to the burden of the situation. Others have learned to ride the wave and find ways to endure the rough ebb and flow of these unprecedented times. As we take a glimpse at the recent past, we come to realize that learning to adapt is an important factor in surviving this global problem. 

Here are some of the business lessons we learned from the pandemic. 

Lesson #1 – Adaptation is a survival key in these changing times 

The pandemic hurled challenges to business operations. These challenges forced organizations to make big changes in their work procedures and regulations. Companies implemented strict health and safety protocols to prevent the spread of the virus. This includes making alternative work arrangements for employees. Some businesses put up a skeletal workforce while others worked remotely at home. Others adjusted their business hours or compressed their workweek. Although some changes unveiled weaknesses and gaps in business practices, we learned that we can develop ways to improve and correct the situation. 

Lesson #2 – Technology can become a great ally

We learned that by being comfortable in using the industry’s technology, we can overcome the business limitations imposed by the pandemic. When the pandemic hit us, it disrupted normal business practices and forced us to adopt certain technologies. For instance, small companies that have relied on traditional pen-and-paper booking learned the benefits of shifting to an online scheduling program. Face-to-face client meetings have been replaced by online meetings using e-applications like Zoom, Google Hangouts, Skype, and others. Some organizations that have previously ignored technology discovered the convenience and efficiency of today’s modern applications. 

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Lesson #3 – Importance of staying connected

In the face of the pandemic, companies that genuinely addressed the needs of the customers overshadowed their competitors. We learned the importance of keeping an open line of communication. Customers feel reassured when they are informed about what the business is doing in response to the pandemic. Customers appreciate receiving timely updates about changes in operations, adjustments in services, pricing modifications, and other business modifications. 

Although it’s been a year since the rise of the pandemic, it’s still vital to update your website and social media pages about your business operations. Continue to create new content to indicate to your clients that your business is safe and sound.

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Keep these lessons in mind

Many aspects of business are still being challenged today as COVID-19 remains a threat to nations. Many of us have transitioned to the new normal and embraced new ways of working. In these unprecedented times, we must remain alert to the shifting gears of the business world. Remain resilient by establishing an effective crisis response, adjusting work practices accordingly, and safeguarding the well-being of your employees. It’s also important to lead with empathy and address your customer’s needs to strengthen business relationships. 


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