Advantage of Online vs. Offline Bookings


Tourism is one of the fastest growing industries today with the Internet playing an important part of its rapid growth. The internet has changed tourists’ behavior and as a result, the booking process is longer than before. People are comparing prices online, asking for advice through social media, or reading customer reviews before making an online reservation.

But despite the increasing reach of the internet, Americans still mostly book offline either through phone calls or going directly service provider’s physical location. But that will soon change. According to a recent study, the online channel is expected to account for 49% of all travel bookings in the US by 2020. Now is the time for tourism businesses, especially the charters and tours sectors, to embrace online reservation systems.

What are the benefits of online bookings vs. offline?

Having the option to book online presents numerous advantages that will benefit not only you, the business owner, but your customer as well.

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How can SEO help your water-sports company?


No matter the industry your business is in, whether you operate a tour or a water park, today’s market is tougher than ever before. The internet has opened up so many possibilities but it also rendered almost every company vulnerable to fiercer competition. Failing to adapt to this changing times, at the very least, means losing a huge chunk of revenue.

One way your water sports business can get market penetration and gain an edge over your competitors is through greater online visibility. Today’s consumers are savvy and most will do an internet research first before availing any type of service. With excellent Search Engine Optimization or SEO, your company website can capture the attention of over 50% of online consumers.

But what exactly is SEO? You’ve heard of it, you’ve read about it in countless editorials, you may have seen all the whitepapers. In this article, we’ll look at how it is used as a marketing tool to help grow any business into an enterprise.

What exactly is SEO?

To most business owners, Search Engine Optimization is an enigma. SEO has that misunderstood reputation that caused even the savviest businessmen to devalue its importance. Boat captains may not even have heard of it. But to fully understand SEO, we have to go back to its roots.

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